Why I love body weight training

This is one of my favourite types of training for a few reasons.  Firstly you can train anywhere, just lace up the runners, hit play on your favourite playlist and get ready to sweat. Secondly you really connect and get to know how your body moves which is so important to overall health.

Depending on how experienced some of my clients are when they first come to see me I will start them off with body weight exercises because if they can’t perform certain exercises they shouldn’t be lifting weights.   

20 minutes of body weight training can torch body fat leaving you feeling worked all over.

Some of the best:  Simple but oh so effective

Push ups
Body weight squats
Tricep dips
Step back lunges
Reverse crunch

Try to work through the exercises above for 30 seconds then rest for 1 minute at the end of the circuit.  Complete for 3 rounds.  If you haven’t worked up a sweat by the end of this then you are super human and I’d like to come and train with you!

Finish strong

Even though body weight training will get your heart rate pumping there is nothing quite like a good sprint. I love blasting through a body weight circuit then finishing my session off with some good old fashioned sprints.   

Set up two markers 30-40 meters apart, complete 8 sprints with as much rest as you need. You may not love the feeling at the time but trust me you’ll love it after.