After years of saying “I’ll start on Monday”, “I'll start on Monday” guess what, I actually did start on Monday and that was with Rich doing the 12 week Fuel and Fitness Plan. The goal was to drop a few kilos and create a better lifestyle. Once I started good things happened and I saw progress very quickly. I dropped the weight and I learned that if I just follow the plan I will become fitter and even a better person.

“I have absolutely loved working through The Beach Life program. Following these simple plans and the amazingly easy, quick & delicious recipes have hugely helped me feel fitter & way healthier in both body & mind. Working with Richard has had

I lost 5 kilos in those 8 weeks! "I started training with Rich with a short 8 week goal date (my wedding). With my wedding fast approaching Rich was able to help me achieve amazing results in a very short timeframe. I lost 5 kilos in those 8 weeks! Even the dress maker was shocked with the weightloss.

"I set myself the tough goal of losing 10 kilos in 10 weeks. Weighing in at 121kg, Richard helped me learn that eating is fine but everything needs to be balanced, it's ok to have some bad food just not every week. I set about meal prepping for the weeks ahead using Richard’s delicious recipes and when needing a fix using some of Richard’s healthy snacks to get me through.