Pete Deppeler

After years of saying “I’ll start on Monday”, “I’ll start on Monday” guess what, I actually did start on Monday and that was with Rich doing the 12 week Fuel and Fitness Plan. The goal was to drop a few kilos and create a better lifestyle. Once I started good things happened and I saw progress very quickly. I dropped the weight and I learned that if I just follow the plan I will become fitter and even a better person.

For someone who has never missed a day of ciggies, coke and more sweet treats than you can poke a stick at for the last 20 years this was big deal. Those things quickly disappeared from my life one by one and I am proud to say I have actually quit smoking. The Beach life has changed my outlook on life completely. I’m running at least twice a week now and have never felt fitter. Trust me, good things will happen on this program and I fully endorse it. So far I’ve lost 14 kilos and counting. *